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Dear customers,

Welcome to the stock market! If you want to take the time to invest in the securities market and to invest in securities, please open our Securities and Exchange Depository Center through our company.

For a Entity / Enterprise /:

  • A copy of the company certificate of state registration office / Notary /
  • Company rule /copy/
  • Authorized person to administer the account, decision of the authorized person or board of directors, and signature form Official letter addressed to the Mongolian Central Securities Depository
  • Signature confirmation
  • Company stamp

For citizens:

  • Citizen ID card


  • The birth of certification
  • A copy of father’s /mother/ ID cart


Securities account fee. Minimum account   balance.
  Individual person 5 000 MNT 2 000 MNT
  For a Entity 50 000 MNT 20 000 MNT

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