About us

Gauli LLC is one of the Leading Mongolian Securities Company founded in 2008. Gauli LLC is licensed by Mongolian Financial Regulatory Commission (FRC) an August of the 2008, and is member of the Mongolian Stock Exchange, Mongolian Securities Exchange and the Mongolian Association of Securities dealers-self-regulatory organization. We are offering services of brokerage, dealer and underwriting.

We are confident that we will work to contribute to the creation of a reputable market for foreign investors and Mongolian stock market will expand.

Mission of the Company: to make a real contribution to the economic development, capital market, to increase the costumer’s satisfaction, to provide advice for investments analyzes.

Vision: Introduce innovative internationally recognized product of Mongolian market.

Principles of operation:  We will always work with high morality and professional level.

Value: We prefer to the quality not amount and the importance not all.

Slogan: We will be your guide to your successful investment

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