On April 03, 2018, 945,224 shares of 29 firms listed as Tier I, II, and III were traded. 10 companies’ shares increased in price while those of 13 companies’ shares decreased and 6 companies’ shares unchanged. “MonIt Bulgaar” (MBG+14.94%) and “Juulchin Gobi” (JGV+17.75%)  were the top performers whereas “Hai Bi Oil” (HBO-10.01%) and “Ulaansan” (UNS- 9.03%) were the worst performers.

On the secondary market for government securities, 5,240 bonds worth MNT519.9 million were traded.

On the secondary market for Corporate bonds,1,000 bonds worth MNT100.0 million were traded

Securities’ block trading, 40,604 shares worth 743.0 million were traded.

The TOP-20 Index decreased by 2.28 percent to reach 20562.83  points. The MSE market cap stands at MNT2,530,337,305,338.00

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